2022 Top 6 Different Types of Mattress – Which Type of Mattress is Best?

2022 Top 6 Different Types of Mattress – Which Type of Mattress is Best?

Physical comfort and peaceful sleep is the most heavenly feeling one could experience in the world. But the depth of peace and comfort depends on the hours you spend on your mattress.

The perfect mattress not only delivers comfort and sound sleep but cures physical ailments like back pain, stiffness, etc.

However, choosing the right fit can be baffling for anyone, especially when you buy a mattress online, as there are various mattresses available in the Indian market. Stress not! We have enlisted different types of mattresses to help with your mattress shopping and make your life easy!

Different Types of Mattresses Available in India?

There are lots of options to ponder when you’re in the market looking for a new mattress. Today, the variety of mattresses showcase different technologies and have different materials to choose from with a purpose to maximize your comfort.

Like your sleeping position, other factors can also influence the type of mattress that might be best for you. In the next section, we’ll discuss the mattress options available and discuss their pros and cons to help you find the best fit for your needs.

Spring Mattress

To simply put, the variant of the mattress is a metal-based innerspring system. Spring mattresses are also known as coil matters since springs are called coils offering bouncy effects. The springs employ an equal amount of pressure on different body parts of the user as the body exerts on the mattress.

This property makes it an excellent choice for people who want good support on their pressure points. This is why the upper layer of a spring mattress is known as the comfort layer, and the lower layer is the support layer or otherwise called ‘core’.

Pros of Spring mattress:

  • Spring mattresses have been in the marketplace for a long time now, hence building consumer familiarity.
  • Provides great support to the spinal cord and helps with acute back pains.
  • Spring mattresses online and offline are cost-effective, So if you wish to stay budget-friendly, this mattress is the best fit.

Cons of Spring Mattress:

  • The lifespan of a Spring mattress, in general, is short. They tend to wear and tear faster.
  • Given the structure of this mattress, it isn’t easy to carry around and clean.
  • The coils can cut through the mattress cover easily.

Coir Mattress

A coir mattress is produced from natural fibers of coconut extracted from the outer husk of coconut fruit and used in various products like floor mats, doormats & brushes, including mattresses. The coir threads inside the mattress make percolation of air and moisture around the mattress easy, giving them a cooler temperature.

This type of mattress is an Indian invention. These are comparatively firmer than other mattress variants due to just a thin layer of foam. The coir foam mattress is a wonderful buy for users living in hot regions.

Pros of Coir mattress:

  • They are organic and eco-friendly.
  • The coir mattress is well ventilated and can keep you cool during heavy summer.
  • Coconut husk has natural anti-allergic, anti-bacterial, and anti-dust properties. Thus this mattress is great for allergic people.

Cons of Coir mattress:

  • The durability of the mattress is lesser and gets soggy in the long run
  • Coir mattresses are uncomfortable because they are very firm to sleep on.
  • The mattress causes more pain since it doesn’t adjust to pressure points of the body.

Bonded Mattress

The bonded mattress is elastic, firm, and made with unique physical attributes from different foam pieces shredded and combined. This mattress is the best option for people looking for balanced support and comfort. Due to their ability to provide good back relief, bonded mattresses are gaining popularity, especially in Orthopedics.

Moreover, the mattresses are produced via a unique process that involves regeneration and compression, proving beneficial for those suffering from severe back pain.

Pros of Bonded mattress:

  • The elastic surface of a bonded foam mattress and the bulk of the mattress make this one of the best options for overweight people.
  • The bonded foam’s supportive elastic nature helps both side and back sleepers with spinal relief and ailment.

Cons of Bonded Mattress:

  • A bonded foam mattress does not provide support to other joints of the body.
  • If the quality of the bonded mattress is low, you might experience sagging or other issues within a few months.

Latex Mattress

A latex mattress is produced by combining late foam with either reflex or spring foam to build a supportive and durable sleeping surface. The mattress regains its original form as soon as the user leaves its surface. Since latex is a natural compound extracted from a rubber tree, these mattresses are mixed with latex and another natural filling to build a perfect natural surface.

People consider buying a latex foam mattress because of its cooling properties, as the material doesn’t wholly contour to your body. The space between your mattress and you let air flow through to wick away body heat.

Pros of Latex mattress:

  • This mattress gives ultimate comfort to your body due to the natural springiness of latex.
  • Latex is naturally dust mite and mold resistant. Hence, a latex mattress is an ideal choice for a naturally healthy and hygienic sleeping surface.
  • Since the material for a latex mattress is harvested organically from a rubber tree, it’s incredibly eco-friendly.

Cons of Latex mattress:

  • A later foam-infused mattress tends to be heavier than many other variants of mattresses.
  • This type of mattress, on average, is more expensive.

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam technology, also known as the visco-elastic foam, was originated by NASA in the 1960s for aeroplane seat cushions. But now, this material is being used in many products ranging from footwear, pillows, and of course, mattresses.

A memory foam mattress is a composition of spring or support foam with a layer of memory foam. Memory foam technology engages your body heat to mould and softens the surface to your shape. This delivers remarkable support and comfort. Once pressure is removed from the surface, the memory foam mattress will bounce back slowly and, over time, will remember your body shape along with your sleeping position.

Pros of Memory Foam Mattress:

  • Memory foam mattresses are low-maintenance. They don’t sag or need regular flipping.
  • The most popular feature of a memory foam mattress is zero movement disturbance. It lets you or your partner sleep well through the night.
  • This mattress fits well for all types of sleeping positions, giving you the utmost comfort.

Cons of Memory Foam Mattress:

  • Memory foam may take a while to break in as it is a higher density of the material, making the mattress firmer.
  • Sometimes when the mattress is not aired properly, it spawns an odour around it.
  • Memory foam mattress retains heat and makes you sweat a lot, thus making it a bad choice for hot regions.

PUF Mattress

Puf is short for Poly Foam or Polyurethane Foam. Mattresses made with puf foam are the most cost-efficient type of foam mattress available in the market. Polyfoam is mainly obtained from petrochemicals, and mattress manufacturers use this polyfoam in the topmost layer of a spring mattress.
The major difference between Puf foam and memory foam is that memory foam contains additional chemicals which increase its viscosity and density.

Pros of Puf Mattress:

This is because puf has no firm density. The mattress is easy to ship and compress.

  • This is because puf has no firm density. The mattress is easy to ship and compress.
  • This type of mattress is light in weight and is easiest to flip, move, or clean.

Cons of Puf Mattress:

  • The major drawback of a puf foam mattress is that the compression reduces the mattress’s lifespan to a large extent
  • Puf mattress offers poor support to the spine and body

Which Type of Mattress is the Best?

We all know that mattresses are specifically designed to assist your snoozing time. Therefore, any mattress that ensures superlative sleep along with vitality and drive to wake up is the best. Right?

Not exactly!

The type of mattress you pick out to sleep on is subjective! In other words, choosing the best mattress depends on a lot of factors like whether you’re a side, back, or stomach sleeper or checking out the customer’s reviews when you buy a mattress online, or the fact that it doesn’t cost a fortune to your pocket and is under your budget.

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