Smart Grid Mattress: Why it is better for your back pain?

Smart Grid Mattress: Why it is better for your back pain?

What is a smart grid mattress?

A smart grid mattress, developed by The Sleep Company, may be a step-change in mattress foundation technology designed further to enhance the standard of sleep than memory foam.

It provides the proper level of support at the right parts of the body (unlike memory foam which offers equivalent support across all areas). It is not memory foam, it does not have any springs, and it is not latex either.

The Grid has been designed to offer a SOFT feeling on body curves like hips, shoulders while giving a firm feel on the rear. This helps to scale back and avoid back pain, and to alleviate other body pains over time.

Benefits of Smart Grid

  • Smart Grid Is Both soft & firm For Luxury Comfort and additional Spine Support For Relieving Back Pain.
  • Smart Grid Isolates Motion And Ensures No Partner Disturbance. It does not matter what proportion Your Partner Moves.
  • Smart Grid has quite 2500 Air Channels That Ensure It Does not Trap Your Body Heat, sort of a Memory Foam Mattress. So You Sleep Cool & Comfy.
  • Smart Grid Does not Sag Or Sink Like Other Foam Or Memory Foam Mattresses and can Be Your Partner In Great Sleep For an extended Time.

Why smart grid mattress is better for back pain?

With smart grid technology, the mattress has become comfortable like never before. It cuddles the shoulder, neck and back with optimum support with its firmness and luxury with its softness.

Many of The Sleep Company’s SmartGRID users have spoken about how this has helped relieve them from the body aches they might regularly undergo.

Now with Smart GRID, they need no such issues and luxuriate in the comfort of a sound sleep.

Ordinary mattresses or most orthopedic mattresses are medium crazy top layer and firm on support layer – this will support back, however, does not provide comfort.

At the same time, The Sleep Company mattress offers superior support and supreme comfort also.

Smart Grid vs. Memory Foam

Smart Grid is formed from a hyper-elastic polymer called non-toxic and food-grade, whereas memory foam is constructed from polyurethane with extra chemicals to extend viscosity.

Smart Grid mattress that intelligently adapts to each physical body type, the technology has been developed by actual Rocket Scientists and Sleep Experts after years of research.

Memory Foam is very fashionable due to its comfort factor. Memory foam mattresses answer heat and pressure to scale back point problems. Long-term use has been shown to scale back chronic back and neck pain.

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