Is It Good to Sleep on a Mattress on the Floor?

Is It Good to Sleep on a Mattress on the Floor?

Do you know many people never sleep on beds? Surprising, isn’t it?

In many cultures across the globe, it is customary to sleep on the floor; however, some people do so because of many reasons, be it to save money, design reasons, fear of falling, etc. Most floor-sleeping people believe that floor-sleeping is good for the back and thus, they have switched from beds.

Does sleeping on the floor help to cure back problems is something not scientifically proven, but believe it or not, more than good, sleeping directly on the floor can do the worst to your body and affect your overall health. Here in this article, we will discuss the various disadvantages of directly sleeping on the floor.

The most apparent disadvantage of sleeping on the floor is that one could get exposed to dust. Since the floor is the dirtiest part of the house, no matter how frequently you clean it, the dust still settles on the floor. Exposure to dust or dirt could lead to many breathing problems and skin allergies.

Also, sleeping on the floor provides greater proximity to rats and insects, which are always on the floors. During winters we all need warmth and since the floor is the coldest part of the house, resting on it during winters can pose a serious health risk and lead to hypothermia.

Since there are so many disadvantages of directly on the floor, it is advised to place a mattress on it. A mattress will not only protect you from dust and cold but also prevent invasions by insects. Moreover, a mattress placed on the floor will give nice support to your body.

Does a mattress feel different on the floor?

Just like a bed, the surface of the floor is even and hard, and placing your mattress on it shouldn’t be problematic. Also, placing your mattress on the floor should not impact its ability to support your body.

There is no such reason why you should be or should not be placing your mattress on the floor; however, beds are made to give you a good sleeping experience. Moreover, beds keep your mattress safe. Since dust settles on the floor, it is a good idea to buy a mattress online and place it on the bed.

Insects are more likely to be on the floor and make their way easily to the mattress placed on the floor. Therefore it’s a good idea to place the mattress on a bed to save you from insects. Moreover, people living in humid regions may end up spoiling their mattresses, as moisture accumulates at the bottom of the mattresses could lead to a nasty mould issue.

Still, if you don’t have any other option than to place the mattress on the floor, then it is recommended to do it the right way. In case the floor does not have a carpet, use some material to place between the mattress and the ground. This will protect your mattress from insects, moisture and dust, and will keep the cold or heat waves away.

It is always better to check the mattress size and find a suitable place to lay it down. Fitting a big mattress in a small place will damage your mattress. Apart from this, it is also important to clean the area before placing a mat on the floor to avoid any dust attracting it. Also, if your mattress has been placed on the floor for a long time, lift it and dry out the air beneath it and then place a mat on it.

Why sleeping on the floor is bad?

Because the floor is hard, it is not ideal for everyone. Exposure to the dust on the floor may lead to sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, cough and difficulty in breathing.

Sleeping on the floor may not be a good idea if you have a chronic condition or limited mobility. If you have difficulty sitting on the floor, it is advised to sleep on a soft, cosy mattress. You should also avoid sleeping on the floor if you have arthritis.

Sleeping on the floor may increase the risk of body pains and fractures to those with weak bones. People with conditions like anaemia, type-2 diabetes and hypothyroidism feel cold and sleeping on the floor might make them catch a cold or worsen their condition.

Old people should not sleep on the floor, as they may end up waking up with body pain and fracture. This is because elders have thinner skin and have less muscle and fat overall, which exposes their joints to more strain than usual. Moreover, in cases of cervical, lumbago and joint disorders in the elderly, sleeping on the floor is not recommended as it could make the problems worst.

If none of these risks is present, you can think of sleeping on the floor.

Does sleeping on a mattress on the floor cause back pain?

Your spine must get enough rest and your back, neck, and shoulders relax when you sleep. This can only be achieved by sleeping on a good mattress. If you sleep without a mattress, you might wake up with severe back pain the other day. Lack of support from a mattress will lead to poor sleeping posture and strains in muscles, which contribute to back pain. Also, sleeping without a mattress on the floor on your side puts a strain on your hamstrings, hip flexors and pectoral muscles, which may cause tightening of muscles and lead to additional pain.


Since sleeping directly on the ground can lead to back discomfort and affect your overall health, you should always invest in a floor mattress. Browse your local stores and purchase a good floor mattress. Also, don’t compromise with the quality when it comes to the price of mattresses in India online. Remember the best mattress is the one, which allows you to get up feeling rejuvenated to take up the challenges of the day. So, shop smart and don’t hesitate to return the mattresses you are uncomfortable with.

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