Foam Vs Fibre- How to choose the best pillow?

Foam Vs Fibre- How to choose the best pillow?

Choosing the perfect pillow is often a difficult task to do. Whether the pillow should be soft or firm or somewhere in between, you can never decide on that easily. The most confusing part is to know whether memory foam pillows are better or natural fibre pillows. Before you start looking for bed pillows, you need to first understand the different types of pillows that are available in the market, and which one will suit you the most.

Foam Pillows

Foam pillows or memory foam pillows are very popular nowadays. This is because of one particular factor that makes these pillows more desirable. Memory foam pillows are firm yet they contour themselves to match the shape of our heads. It even adjusts its shape as you turn and move around while sleeping. Because of this particular reason, people who suffer from neck or back pain tend to prefer memory foam pillows over any other type.

But on the other hand, these pillows also have a downside. They tend to lock and retain heat. This means that if you get hot while you are sleeping, these pillows will absorb the heat and make you feel hotter, which will result in you sweating while sleeping. Memory foam pillows also take a while before you can wear them in and find the comfort you are looking for. Initially, after purchasing them and during the first uses, you might get a chemical-like odour coming from them. This is because the foam might be releasing gases, which brings forth this smell. But eventually, they stop completely and wear in perfectly.

Fibre Pillows

Fibre pillows or natural fibre pillows are also very commonly found in the market. High-quality fibre pillows are supportive, and they emulate down pillows. Fibre pillows are very comfortable. They are resilient, and they constantly provide support across the whole pillow. They also help you to sleep as they are cooler, and they don’t retain much heat. These pillows do not contour according to the shape of your body as you move around, upping its support levels throughout the pillow.

What to look for in a pillow?

When you are looking for the perfect pillow, you need to definitely go beyond the price of it. Getting poorly made people for a cheap price will make you wish you had paid more attention to the quality right away. You have to keep in mind that a good pillow is probably the most important bedding item you will require, as the pillow supports your head and neck while you are sleeping. It also aids with the proper body alignment that is required to sleep well.

In order to get the perfect pillow, you need to consider the following aspects before you decide which pillow you want:

  • Sleeping position: Your sleeping position is the first thing that will help you decide which pillow will be perfect for you. In fact, if you have neck or back pain, then that will also help you choose a pillow that will support the aches.
  • Size of the pillow: The quality of your sleep can also largely depend on the size of your pillow. Just like your bed, even the bed pillows have different sizes. Pillows are normally of three sizes – standard, queen, and king. The size of your bed will help you determine which pillow size will be perfect for you.
  • The filling: Pillow fillings matter a lot when it comes to picking the right pillow. Each filling, be it memory foam, natural fibre, gel fibre, polyester, cotton, feathers, or any other filling, they all have their own comfort levels and support factor. You should undertake thorough research to determine which filling will be the best for you.
  • The firmness: When it comes to firmness, there are four categories that you need to choose from. The first time is soft. These pillows are very fluffy and your head sinks in when you put your head on it. Medium soft pillows are a little firmer. They offer mid-range support to all kinds of sleepers. Firm pillows maintain a balance between being too soft and too firm. Very firm pillows are usually made of ultra-dense memory foam. They hold their shape and are good for people who sleep on their sides and suffer from neck troubles.

Foam Pillow Vs Fibre Pillow

The debate about whether foam pillows are better or fibre pillow is a never-ending one. Memory foam pillows are firm but are adjusting to the shape of your body. They align themselves accordingly. They even adjust to your movements at night, while you are sleeping. But the disadvantage is that they can make you feel very hot.

Natural fibre pillows, on the other hand, are cooler as they do not retain too much heat, giving you a comfortable sleep. The disadvantage here is that, unlike the foam pillows, these do not contour themselves to your body. These pillows are supportive but they don’t align themselves according to your movements or sleep positions.

Are you still confused about which pillow you should get? Let go of the confusion and check out the pillows, brought to you by Springwel. With perfect finishing and firmness to meet your needs, Springwel’s pillows offer you the comfort and the support you are looking for. Reach out to your nearest store or check out our website to know more about these pillows.

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