Everything About Coir Mattress – The Right Mattress for Your Comfort in 2022

Everything About Coir Mattress – The Right Mattress for Your Comfort in 2022


Finding the perfect coir mattress can be challenging, especially when many fantastic options are available in the market, all offering different advantages. You’ve likely encountered a coir mattress during your search for a comfortable and suitable mattress. Many people have spoken highly about the coir mattress. 

But can the coir foam mattress price be justified? What are the benefits of the mattress? This guide will answer all your questions if these are the concerns bringing you here.

What is a Coir Mattress? 

Coir mattresses are premium quality mattresses made from layers of natural fibers, typically extracted from coconut shells. A coir mattress is composed primarily of coir, but foam or latex makes up the secondary material. 

Coir mattresses are bound with foam or latex to make them comfortable, thus providing the perfect combination of softness and firmness. Coir foam mattresses, therefore, are becoming more popular among consumers.

How to Pick the Perfect Coir Mattress? 

A coir mattress is made by uniting a high concentration of rubberized coir and a seamless core. It is enclosed by eye-catching premium jacquard fabric to offer the mattress an impeccable look and feel.

Look for comfort.

The rubberized coir mattress is constructed using coconut fiber fibers and unprocessed rubber. It makes the layers circulate air appropriately in the mattress and upholds the temperature for sleeping. This mattress is highly hygroscopic in nature and can hold water if water or any other liquid spreads over it. When selecting this type of bed, compare coir mattress prices elsewhere.

Look for the price

Be sure to check the coir mattress price before buying them hastily. A real deal for the money- coir mattress must have stellar features that promise to offer a better sleep every night. As these mattresses have varied price ranges in different outlets, make sure you do your market research before settling.  

Make sure it’s healthy!

Many coir mattresses have healthy fresh technology that averts harmful refinement of dust mites, bacteria, and molds. It prevents respiratory problems and acts as a benefit to people in anguish from asthma and other problems.

Look for Durability

Some Coir mattresses come with anti-sagging quality. It has adequate layers of coir sheets which assist it in upholding the inflexibility and giving precise provision to the body. It offers firmness with little softness to make it tough and reliable for a long time. When paying coir mattress price, be sure to look for this feature as it will help you land a mattress that is not only best but also long-lasting and a true value for money!

All Coir Mattresses Are Not Created Equal 

Selecting the right Coir mattress for your home is very important. Many sleep experts have stressed on how important a coir foam mattress is in getting a good night’s sleep. Finding the perfect online mattress in India that gives ample support to the body while resting, as it gives when sitting on it- is not just hard, but next to finding a pin in the haystack. 

Suppose you are considering buying mattresses for your baby shortly. In that case, you will do well after reading this blog, which helps you find out what exactly you need to look for in a bed and gather a few important tips about ensuring the bed remains extremely clean.

The size of the coir mattress you buy is one factor you need to think carefully about. In general terms, there are two standard sizes in the market: a 51*118 mm model and a 60*120 mm mattress. If you have already purchased a coir mattress, it will state what size mattress will provide the measurements on the packaging along with the coir foam mattress price.

If you haven’t bought a coir mattress lately and are considering buying in the sizes mentioned above. It’ll be fine as long as you buy the corresponding mattress size with the bed. 

If you plan to buy a very small mattress for the coir in the bed, you will have gaps between the coir railing and the mattress; these are extremely dangerous and need to be avoided.

The experts have also recommended buying a coir mattress in the store rather than over the net. It is much easier to determine the sustainability of the mattress in this manner.

The very softness of a small baby mattress is paramount, and you need to find the perfect balance between comfort and support, which will ensure your baby gets a good night’s sleep.

There are also chances of some accidental suffocation which has been known to occur in a mattress that is too soft, so you must buy one that offers you enough firmness to support your body weight. Several mattress companies often offer people to buy mattresses that are not very comfortable at a cheaper price to entice. 

Suppose you are indeed stuck with choosing which type of mattress to buy. In that case, companies can not recommend coir mattresses enough because they are indeed very firm which means your child isn’t at risk of sinking into one. They are designed to stand the test of time which also means that you won’t need to buy a replacement anytime soon.

The only downside to the coir mattress is that it is not very easily available and that too in conventional baby cots. Plenty of stores stock them as they tend to cost a fair bit more than the majority of the other alternatives on the market.

If you are interested in purchasing a coir mattress, you will find several online products matching your need and which you should heavily recommend in the store first, but the website will give you a good idea of what to look for in the first place.

How is a Coir Mattress Different from Other Mattresses? 

Are you feeling deprived of sleep? If so, you must be spending tiresome days that are lazy and less productive. You might have tried different things to improve your sleep. But the truth is that you need something more than a cozy bed for a sound sleep. A good quality coir mattress is an important investment for your bedroom and to help you sleep better.

While there is a wide range of Foam mattresses in India available in the market, such as bonded, spring, latex, and memory foam, coir mattresses are the best among all.

Listed below are some amazing features that make coir foam mattresses different from otter mattress options in the market:

  • Made from premium materials
    The best coir mattress is created from high-density rubberized coir and other premium materials like jacquard fabric and a strong core. All thanks to a rubberised coir foam mattress, your body can be at the ideal temperature while sleeping. This is because the coir mattress manages proper air circulation throughout the night.
  • Anti-sagging feature
    The high-quality coir mattresses have an anti-sagging feature with water-blocking layers. These layers of coir sheets maintain the firmness of your mattress while giving proper support and comfort to your spine and body. It also offers the right firmness level and cushioning for extra comfort and enhanced durability.
  • Improves overall health
    The effortless blend of blocking layers provides amazing air circulation and comfort to your body. Coir mattress comes embedded with a heath technology that prevents this mattress from breeding bacteria, dust mites, and fungi. These mattresses are also great if you often suffer from respiratory issues like asthma, cold, sneezing, etc.
  • Budget-friendly
    Good quality coir mattresses are available at budget-friendly rates. It also comes with at least a seven years warranty. This means it’s a good one-time investment for users. If you are saving some money to buy a new mattress, you must ensure to invest in the premium quality coir mattresses by Springwel.

Better sleep is the main concern for most people because it’s directly linked to our overall health and wellness. Therefore, you must choose the right mattress for your bedroom only after proper research. Investing in a good mattress that suits your sleeping posture and body type is important for better sleep.

When looking for a coir mattress, buy products with accurate firmness, thickness, and softness as per your preference and priority. When combined in a coir mattress, all these factors can help relieve your pressure points while reducing back pain.

Right Mattress for Your Right Comfort 

Everybody needs a good sleep to maintain good bodily functions and wake up rested.  To get a restful relaxation, you need to think about what your body needs. So how do you opt for a mattress that’s correct for your body?

The most widespread mattress in India you will find is the coir mattress. Available in various options, you can choose from various sizes to buy mattresses online under different price tags.

The bed is right for individuals who need their bodies to hold up properly. If you are that type of person who strives to get out of bed as there are many notches, the firm spring furniture is perfect for you. The firm spring aspect is also healthier for your mobility while you sleep. Go for the right coir mattress price that you can avail of via online deals.


Features of Springwel Coir Mattress

Coir mattresses have an additional sheet of lessening stitched into the mattress. However, the bed is quite strong; it is also elastic enough for you to relish your cat nap without getting up with back or neck pain.

  • These mattresses are ideal for anyone who needs extra soothing without plummeting too far into the bed. The material used will assist any person in getting rid of pain or uneasiness. To know the best possible coir mattress price, go for the right mattress from one of the best handloom stores.
  • Coir mattresses are a shape of froth with several assets to the memory suds. The firmness is tough enough to give proper support to the person but spongy enough to feel utmost comfort. The coir is great to aid you with back pain.
  • These types of mattresses are other segments of foam mattresses. This bed has great temperature control, which is missing in other foam beds. It’s too comfortable to sleep in if you have back and muscular pain that will all be eliminated after using the coir mattress.
  • The coir mattress price is not so expensive, and it comes in different designs.

The springs have been mixed with memory foam to make sure you have the greatest support and comfort. The coir makes it very simple to turn around in bed while you sleep without getting caught within the memory foam. Thus, the coir mattresses are two in one.

In combination with the mattress, you have to ensure you are sleeping in the right position to get rid of sleeping problems. So, without any doubt, you just go for a coir mattress that is perfect enough and provides a higher comfort level.

You can find the best-designed mattress of good quality materials at www.springwel.in with transparent sizing & price quotes. You can also visit your nearest Springwel store to take a better look at the available mattresses and decide which one will be better for you. 


Due to only natural and pure materials, Coir mattresses are not only good for people but also for the environment. It is the perfect combination of convenience, support, and affordability, which promises a great sleep day in & day out. 

With the help of this guide, we hope you have gained all the required details and information about coir mattresses.

Happy mattress shopping!

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