Bonnell Spring vs. Pocket Spring Mattress What’s the Difference?

Bonnell Spring vs. Pocket Spring Mattress What’s the Difference?

If you are planning to buy a bouncy mattress for your bedroom and are confused about whether the Bonnell Spring or Pocket Spring mattress is better, then you will be able to make a good decision at the end of this article. To understand how the two mattresses differ from each other, let us understand what a spring mattress is.

A spring mattress is a traditional mattress, which contains springs. These springs, also known as mattress coils, support weight and protect the mattress from any wear and tear. The springs are available in four different types.

Bonnell coils

These coils are hour-glass shaped with rounded tops. The Bonnell coils are common and the oldest.

Offset coils

These are also hourglass-shaped but have their top and bottom convolutions flattened.

Pocket springs

Also called Marshall Coils, these are barrel-shaped and encased in individual Pockets. These springs are not wired together and thus, work independently.

Since spring mattresses have a lot of advantages, many people prefer them to other mattresses. Some of the advantages of spring mattresses are listed below:

Low price

The price of the spring mattress has fallen because of its increasing demand. A wide variety of spring mattresses is available at affordable prices.

Increasing popularity

The new spring technology introduced in these mattresses is one of the reasons for their increasing popularity.


The spring mattress lasts long and has a traditional feel. The coils used in the mattresses prevent any wear and tear.
Better air circulation: The springs have a considerable amount of space between them and hence, allow easy ventilation. This also helps to prevent the accumulation of heat and promotes better sleep.

Better bounce

Due to the springs used to make mattresses, these mattresses are springier. Some users love to have a better bounce in their bedroom.

Provide good support

The spring mattresses provide good support to the body. It is good especially for heavier people or those with back issues. Moreover, it does not sag.

Best for back sleepers

Since the mattress has a medium-firm level, it is good for back-sleepers.

What is Bonnell Spring Mattress?

In Bonnell Spring Mattress, the hourglass-shaped metal springs are interconnected using a metal wire. This mattress is also known as an open coil spring mattress. The springs used to make the mattress cannot move independently. Bonell mattresses are the most relaxed and supportive mattresses. Apart from this, the mattress provides ample area for easy movement.

What is Pocket Spring Mattress?

In the Pocket spring mattress, hundreds of springs are encased in soft cotton Pockets. Since the springs are not interconnected, they can move independently. The springs used in the mattress makes it more springy and cosy. These mattresses are gaining popularity for their excellent support. People with different weights can sleep on this mattress, as this mattress can adjust according to the contour of the physique.

The Pocket mattresses are durable and last long. They offer circulation for better sleep.

Advantages of Bonnell Spring Mattress and Pocket Spring Mattress

Both Bonell and Pocket spring mattresses are made with spring materials providing a solid spring structure.
Bonnell spring mattresses are durable and have a traditional feel. These mattresses give nice support to the body, hence preventing back pain. These mattresses ensure air circulation and provide maximum comfort.
Pocket spring mattresses prevent movement while sleeping, as the springs are not interconnected. The mattresses are durable and provide greater comfort. They also improve blood circulation.

Difference between Bonnell Spring and Pocket Spring mattress

One question that every customer asks is what is the difference between Bonnell Spring and Pocket Spring? Here is a simple explanation that will help you to understand how they are different.

  • Bonnell spring system mattress is one of the earliest types of spring mattress technology in the market. Bonnell spring coils are described as inter-connected wire coil technology. Mattresses of this type tend to be firmer due to their inner coil structure. As the wires are inter-connected, this spring system tends to be more motion-sensitive. This means that when someone moves on one side of the bed, the person at the other end may feel the movement on the mattress as well. However, Pocket spring mattresses are made with springs, which are not interconnected. This prevents any movement. If one partner is turning and tossing on the bed, the other one may not feel the movement.
  • A Pocket Spring Mattresses is expensive than a Bonnell Spring Mattress.
  • Pocket mattresses can give support to various body curves but Bonnell mattresses cannot because the springs in the Bonnell mattress move together. However, in the Pocket mattress, the springs move individually.
  • Unlike the Bonnell spring system mattresses, Pocket spring mattresses have each coil unit encased in individual fabric Pockets. Such a spring system design reduces movement across the mattress when one person moves on one end of the mattress, reducing interruptions during sleep.
  • Pocket spring systems also provide sufficient support to the whole body with the individual pocket coils responding individually to different pressure points and weights of the body. Pocket mattresses are slightly softer than Bonnell mattresses
  • The air volume circulating inside the Pocket mattress ensures a good night’s sleep and a comfortable bed temperature. The major difference between both the mattresses is that the springs in the Bonell mattress are connected while the springs in the Pocket mattress are not connected.

Which is better Bonnell Spring or Pocket Spring mattress?

Both the mattresses have their cons and pros, but the Pocket mattress offers more benefits than Bonnell Spring Mattress.

Bonnell mattresses are designed for people who prefer firm and solid mattresses but they are avoided due to their intense movement, which may lead to disturbed sleep, while Pocket mattresses ensure a good night’s sleep.

After having read all the advantages and disadvantages of both mattresses, you should be able to decide what your priorities are when it comes to sleep, and which mattress is better for you.

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