Bonded Foam Vs. Coir Mattress – Which suits you better?

Bonded Foam Vs. Coir Mattress – Which suits you better?

A mattress can come in a number of shapes and sizes, which is good since we all have our preferences for how we sleep during the night. Depending on the firmness, ventilation, or material of the mattress, different people prefer different types of mattresses. 

In terms of mattress choices, coir and bonded foam mattresses are both excellent options, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The following blog compares Bonded Foam and Coir Mattresses to make your decision easier to buy mattress online.

What is Bonded Foam Mattress?

Polyurethane scraps, also called bonded foam, are used for bonded foam mattresses. In the case of Bonded Foam Mattresses, or Orthopedic Mattresses, the base layer is either Polyurethane or Polyurea Foam (PUF). The Polyurethane foam or PUF scraps are bonded under high pressure to form a strong material. 

This material is used as a base layer in mattresses, which helps preserve the mattress’s shape over time. The mattress has two sides made from bonded foam: one is soft, and the other is rigid.

What to keep in mind while Buying the Bonded Mattress online?

Motion Transfer Resistance: 

With a traditional coir mattress, you can feel the effect of movement. If you sleep with your partner, you can feel their movements at night, which often interrupts your sleep. Bonded foam mattresses will eliminate this concern for you. You and your partner will not feel any movements on the foam surface because it covers it. You can have an uninterrupted good night’s sleep.

Pressure and Pain relief:

Among the studies conducted to determine which foam mattress is the best and how it compares to other mattresses (such as latex, spring, and coir), the bonded foam mattress performed well on tests of pain relief. As a result, the mattress is dual supportive – the firm side makes sure your back gets the rigidity it needs, while the soft side pampers your back and ensures that you won’t wake up sore the next day.

What is Coir Mattress?

The husk of coconuts is extracted to obtain natural fiber for coir mattresses. These mattresses are firm as a result. It’s a non-toxic mattress that holds the distinction of being one of the greenest mattresses available. 

With their natural springy consistency, Coir bed mattresses provide excellent body support. People with dust allergies will appreciate its dust repellant properties. Additionally, Coir keeps a mattress well-ventilated and dry, and it’s a nice option for those looking for a little extra support without paying a lot.

What to keep in mind while Buying the Coir Mattress Online?

Temperature regulation:-

The support layers of Coir Mattresses are composed of coir mesh, and the comfort layer is usually composed of foam. The coir layer, which is sandwiched between the top and bottom layers of this mattress, acts as the support layer. Keeping the mattress cool for those who sleep hot is the function of the coir lattice structure, which regulates temperature and airflow. Coastal areas are well suited to Coir Mattresses because of this feature.


Combining coir with the latex increases the mattress’s longevity by keeping it bonded and compact. The mattress may sag and develop depressions over time if the foam and the backing bond are weakened. Buy a mattress of quality coir that meets both ISO and ATMS standards, as lower-quality coir may not provide the same performance. 

Where there are Foam Mattresses, there is comfort!

The kind of support and comfort that these foam mattresses provide has made them extremely popular in the past few years.

Despite the rigidity and firmness of bonded foam, it is ideal for people with existing health problems. This can be attributed to the fact that the body contours around the material’s surface while its bulk offers excellent support. 

Contouring your spine and shoulders facilitates the natural relaxation of your spine and shoulders. As a result, you get a mattress suitable for both orthopedics and general comfort that is adequately supported.

It is one of the best options for overweight people due to the mattress’s elastic surface and bulk. People with sensitive body areas will find it good, too. The micro springs on the cushion support your pressure points as they act like micro springs but remain elastic and firm to the touch. Therefore, bonded foam tends to be a firm mattress to the touch but is excellent for people who are obese or overweight.

Where to buy a mattress? 

Whether the mattress you choose is firm bonded foam or eco-friendly coir – you will experience peaceful, relaxing, and restful sleep. The investment of a mattress is worth it if you want to rest peacefully at night.

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We are serious about giving you a peaceful & sound sleep, day in and day out. With decades of knowledge & research going behind each product, every mattress that leaves our unit promises to give you the best experience!

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